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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need an appointment to be seen at UCOS?

No. You never need an appointment to be seen at UCOS. Patients are seen on a walk-in basis.

2. What about ongoing medical care or monitoring?

UCOS is not meant to take the place of your family practice provider. Patients will be referred back to their primary care provider for ongoing care. For patients who do not have a primary care provider, UCOS will refer them to a primary care provider who is accepting new patients.

3. Do I need my insurance card and Identification to be seen in the urgent care?

In order for us to be able to verify your insurance coverage, we will need to see a copy of your picture ID and insurance card. If you are unable to bring your cards, we will do our best to verify your benefits with your carriers when you arrive. For those without insurance, we also offer discounted cash pay prices at the time of service.

4. How do I know I need the urgent care vs the ER?

If you feel your medical condition is life-threatening you need to be seen in a hospital ER and should call 911. The ER treats life threatening medical conditions, such as chest pains, severe wounds or amputations. Urgent Care Centers treat conditions that need immediate attention but are not life/limb threatening.

5. How long do I have to wait to be seen at the urgent care?

UCOS strives to see patients within minutes of them presenting to the clinic. Visits for simple complaints can take as little as 30 minutes. Most patients have completed their visit within 1 hour. Since UCOS patients can walk-in to be seen at any time, occasionally patients may experience longer than the typical wait. We work diligently to keep wait times to a minimum.

6. Who will be seeing me for my concerns at the urgent care?

Our staff includes experienced Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners as well as certified medical assistants and x-ray technologists who have experience and training that correlates with the patient complexities seen routinely at an urgent care.

7. What types of services does UCOS provide?

At UCOS we specialize in the treatment of acute medical conditions. Our providers treat many types of medical conditions, but typically types of patient concerns include: cough, colds, sinus infections, headaches, broken bones, sprained/strained joints, rashes, back aches, ear infections, abdominal pain, and treatment of contusions/lacerations.

8. Can I use UCOS as my primary care or family practice provider?

No, UCOS is NOT a substitute for your family practice clinician. Although we are glad to see patients anytime, we want to stress the importance of having a family practice provider serving as the manager of your healthcare. Urgent care provides medical treatment for your unexpected illnesses or injuries, and serves as a resource for after-hours care or when you are unable to get an appointment with your family practice provider.

9. Will UCOS refill my chronic medications?

Medication refills are NOT routinely given. However we understand you may need a medication refill until you can be seen by your primary care provider. Under certain circumstances, as deemed necessary, on a case by case basis.



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